Scientific Investigations


Una immagine dal libro Arma dei CarabinieriThough, within the judiciary investigations framework, the contribution of the traditional detective figure cannot be replaced, nowadays an equally important role is played by scientific investigation techniques and the specialised personnel dedicated to inspecting crime scenes, collecting and subsequently analysing relevant traces.

These sensitive tasks are carried out by the Raggruppamento Carabinieri Investigazioni Scientifiche (Ra.C.I.S.), the 4 Reparti Investigazioni Scientifiche (R.I.S.) - in Rome, Parma, Cagliari and Messina - and the Sezioni Investigazioni Scientifiche (S.I.S.) located in major Provincial Commands. These tasks acquire paramount importance both because contamination or impairment of sites can affect the outcome of the entire investigation, and because at times investigations cannot be repeated.

Investigations carried out to bring perpetrators to justice are based on strict procedures, ensuring the objectivity of findings. They range from the identification and matching of fingerprints to the examination of biological traces and DNA and ballistics and explosives to the analysis of IT equipment in the search for apparently deleted files and data. And much more. Under the Ra.C.I.S., the Reparto Analisi Criminologiche (R.A.C.) was also founded to support investigations by searching for analogies and elements of connection with other crimes and to outline suspect profiles. Within this department, the Sezione Atti Persecutori is committed to fighting disturbing stalking cases and all other forms of violence against vulnerable victims. This Section also provides support to territorial commands, sharpening their staff's skills in this specific remit.