Carabinieri and Sports


Una immagine dal libro Arma dei CarabinieriCarabinieri and sports: a winning combination. The individual Carabiniere performs  commitment both to service and to sports with equal dedication and zeal to achieve results: this is regardless of whether this implies winning a competition or being rewarded for service to the Homeland, ensuring citizens' safety. The source of these two parallel identities is the same: physical and inner discipline, strong motivation, courage and passion. This is the secret to the many successes that constitute the great history of Carabinieri in Sports, with many athletes held in the citizens' hearts and recorded in sports annals. One need only to look at the impressive collection of medals won by the Carabinieri Champions at the end of 2010: 86 Olympic medals (28 gold, 24 silver and 34 bronze), not to mention the volume of laurels achieved in the World and European Championships, in the Military World Games, in the World University Games and in many Italian competitions.

Special merit should be granted to the Carabinieri Sports Centre for all these achievements. The Centre now includes 10 sports sections, all related to national federations: Athletics, Judo, Taekwondo, Swimming, Skydiving, Triathlon and Modern Pentathlon, Fencing, Horse riding, Winter Sports, Target and Skeet shooting.