to the new and up-dated Carabinieri Corps website

designed to facilitate access and give the latest information.

The Carabinieri Corps in its dual role as a Police and Armed Force is ever present in the lives of the citizens it protects, from the largest city in Italy to the remotest village.

This website therefore has been designed to extend this presence and make the contact between the people and the Carabinieri stronger this time through technology and the Internet thus allowing citizens to readily and easily access information.

This way an immediate contact is established between the Corps and the people it protects thus helping them to deal with simple routine issues and perhaps even emergencies.

"Lending and ear" to the daily problems of citizens is one of the many facets of the role of the Carabinieri Corps and this website is simply another way of "listening" to the people and helping them.

"We are here to help you" is the driving concept behind this totally interactive site.

This is simply an extension of what the already relationship between the Carabinieri Corps and the people is all about!

....now let's "surf"!