The improvement in general security requires...

made up of two photos showing a district Carabiniere giving information to the citizens.... the reinforcement of direct contact between the general public and the forces of law and order by the provision of an efficient community policing service in densely populated areas.
In this environment it is considered of fundamental importance to appoint an individual Carabiniere responsible for crime prevention, known as the Community Carabiniere. This service, to encourage crime prevention generally, has the primary function of building reciprocal trust between the Community Carabiniere and members of the public.
The Community Carabiniere replaces the traditional service of two officers patrolling together, and brings the officer closer to the local population, which has always been a distinguishing mark of the Force.
The final objective of this initiative is to create a closer, more visible, more accessible Force. This service operates from a single base manned by one Carabiniere creating a point of contact for the local population. The Carabiniere must communicate with members of the public and local institutions such as the Council and local service agencies, assisting with any problems, and at the same time observing the local population and property.
The personnel employed full time in the service of Community Carabiniere have an easily recognizable uniform and are equipped with a palmtop PC and radio set.