The Carabinieri Force is linked to the Ministry of Defence...

Photographic composition of Specialised Units of the carabinieri. ... but retains it autonomy, in its role of Armed Force, Military Police Force, and responsibility for public order and security. The Force depends, through its Commander General, on the Defence Chief of Staff for its military duties, and functionally on the Ministry of Internal Affairs for public order and security.
Various specialist departments have operational reporting lines to the following Ministries:
a. Ministry of Health - for the prevention of crime endangering public health (Comando Carabinieri per la Sanità);
b. Ministry of the Environment - for the prevention of damage to the environment (Comando Carabinieri per la Tutela dell’Ambiente);
c. Ministry of Cultural Heritage - for the prevention of crimes related to items of artistic, historical and archaeological interest (Comando Carabinieri Patrimonio Culturale);
d. Ministry of Labour and Social Policies - for the correct application of employment and social service legislation (Comando Carabinieri per la Tutela del Lavoro);
e. Ministry of Agriculture Policies - for the control and prevention of fraud in the agriculture and food sector including European Union grants (Comando Carabinieri Politiche Agricole);
f. Ministry of Foreign Affairs – protection of Italian diplomatic institutions overseas and application of special immigration laws (Comando Carabinieri presso il Ministero Affari Esteri).
g. Other departments are attached to constitutional organizations such as those pertaining to the President of the Republic, the Senate, Parliament, Law Courts, the Council of Ministers, the National Council of Economy and Labour, and therefore report directly to the individual organization.
h. The departments and offices of the Carabinieri involved in inter-force defence, both in Italy and abroad, or personnel seconded to branches of the Armed Forces report directly to the relevant Commander who in turn is responsible to the Defence Chief of Staff and to the Defence Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces.
i. For the role played in the Judiciary Police, the Carabinieri report, regarding operational activities, to the relevant Legal Authority according to the penal procedure code.
In this context, the Law attributes the qualification of:

- Judiciary Police Officers
Officers, (excluding Generals), Inspectors, Superintendents and Carabinieri temporary Station Commanders;
- Judiciary Police Agents
- Public Security Officer
- Public Security Agents
Inspectors, Superintendents, Carabinieri.