The Band was founded in 1820 when the Royal Carabinieri Corps...

Picture of the Musical Band in a concert.... assembled a group of buglers for the first time. This was then transformed in 1862 into a fanfare and by 1920 had further developed into a full Band contingent of the Carabinieri Force. Under the direction of Maestro Luigi Cajoli, the Band became famous for its quality of style and in 1916 it travelled abroad for the first time for a series of concerts for injured allied soldiers. It performed in Paris and was a great success and was highly acclaimed by the press. There later followed many other prestigious tours abroad in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and Japan. Maestro Luigi Cirenei, who was a pupil of Pietro Mascagni, succeeded Cajoli in 1925. He improved the artistic skills of the Band and composed “LA FEDELISSIMA” the march theme adopted by the Carabinieri Force. The following were Directors of the Band: Maestro Domenico Fantini (1947), Maestro Vincenzo Borgia (1972) and Maestro Massimo Martinelli (2001), who is the present Director. The Carabinieri Band, with 103 musicians, each one expert in a particular instrument, interpret the most famous compositions with a rich repertoire from traditional military marches to modern and classical music. A famous Italian journalist described it as: “… a Band composed of musicians who perform with the passion and devotion which is associated with the Carabinieri Force”.

Picture with two photos of the Musical Band of the Corp.Alongside the Carabinieri Band there are other musical groups attached to the following departments:

  • Mounted Regiment;
  • Cadet School in Rome;
  • Warrant Officers’ School in Florence;
  • “Lombardia” Battalion in Milan;
  • “Campania” Battalion in Naples;
  • “Sicilia” Battalion in Palermo.