Sport is very important in the Carabinieri Force, ...

Picture showing moments of the athletic activity of the carabinieri.... not only because it is synonymous with military life, but also because it plays an important role in the fitness, culture and spirit of sacrifice associated with its members. Through the Carabinieri Sports Centre, the Force participates in national sporting competitions with top quality athletes. This carries out the dual function of increasing the prestige of the Institute as well as serving as an incentive to participate. The young members of the youth section in particular have achieved a position of prominence in Italian sport and many have represented their nation in their field of expertise and been trained by Force Instructors. Testimony can be found in the Force’s Sport Register.

The Carabinieri Sports Centre has 10 Sections spread around Italy, each of which specializes in a particular field:

  • Selva di Val Gardena (BZ) for winter sports;
  • Bologna for athletics;
  • Livorno for skydiving;
  • Rome for equitation, marksmanship, judo, karate, fencing and pentathlon;
  • Naples for swimming.

Sections situated in Rome are grouped into athletics sections, except for equitation which is attached to the Mounted Regiment Horse Riding Centre. The others are attached to their own Battalions and the Alpine Training Centre.

  • for administrative and disciplinary matters, to the department where they are located;
  • for direction and organization to the Sports Activity Section at the Training Office, Carabinieri General Headquarters.