Since the middle of the nineteenth century the Carabinieri Force...

Since the middle of the nineteenth century the Carabinieri Force has acquired an international dimension. This has been achieved by its traditional professionalism and its role as a military organization with civil policing functions for immediate response in protection in states of emergency. In particular, it has been involved in overseas peacekeeping operations in contingents of Italians as well as in alliance with other nations, autonomously assisting in the reconstruction of the forces of law and order and in associated training programmes.
The following are the principal missions in which the Carabinieri Force has taken part over the past ten years:
- UN,EU,OSCE Missions or multinational/bilateral agreements:
  ONUSAL mission (United Nations Operation in San Salvador), MINUGUA (United Nations Verification Mission in Guatemala), UNTAC (United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia), TIPH (Temporary International Presence in Hebron), UNIFIL mission in Lebanon (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon), ONUMOZ (United Nations Operation in Mozambique), INTERFET (International Force in Eastern Timor)  and ISAF mission (International Security and Assistance Force);
- NATO Missions:
  IFOR mission (Implementation Force), MSU (Multinational Specialized Unit), SFOR (Stabilization Force), KFOR, UNMIK mission (United Nations Mission in Kosovo).