Picture showing the oath taking of an Officer.The Force provides the necessary training facilities for individual and collective preparation ranging from basic military training to more specialized career training. The Training School is required to prepare participants to carry out their military and public order duties to their best ability thereby maintaining the high standards of the Institution. To achieve the above objective, the Carabinieri Training School Command controls and coordinates the training organization which is made up of the following entities:
- Carabinieri Officers’ College, whose headquarters based in Rome carries out many activities of the Officers;
- Warrant Officer and Brigadier Training School: for the formation and training of Warrant Officers and Brigadiers at its main detachments placed in Velletri and Florence;
- Carabinieri Cadet Training Schools, provide basic military, technical-professional training for young people who join the Force. Carabinieri Training Schools are based in Roma, Campobasso, Iglesias, Torino and Reggio Calabria.