The territorial Organization is at the core of the Institute's ...

Picture made up of three photos of carabinieri during institutional activities

The territorial organization is at the core of the Institute’s activities  and relies on the framework of the departments structured as follows:
- 5 Inter-Regional Commands commanded by Lieutenant Generals which exercise overall control and coordination on regional commands;
- 19 Regional Commands commanded by Major and Brigadier Generals who are responsible for the management of the personnel who organize, coordinate and control the activities of the provincial commands and ensure technical, logistic and administrative support;
- 102 Provincial Commands commanded by Colonels and Lieutenant Colonels. They are responsible for analysis and operations oriented to fight against crime and maintain law and order, coordinating all Carabinieri units existing in the Province;
- 13 Territorial Department Commands, commanded by Lieutenant Colonels, are used in order to divide the functions of management, coordination and control of the Provincial Commands;
- 5 Group Commands (commanded by Lieutenant Colonels) and 527 Company Commands, (commanded by Majors and Captains). The structures and dimensions are different in accordance with the operative problems on the territory. They are equipped to provide a 24 hour call out service and have the capability of operating independently against local criminal activities;
- 69 Lieutenancies commanded by First and Second Lieutenants responsible for a single densely populated town. They are able to intervene 24 hours a day and have an autonomous judiciary policing role being directly responsible for the territory and related institutional activities;
- 4575 Carabinieri Stations. Local Carabinieri stations which, depending on their operational status are commanded by: Warrant Officers deputizing as Public Security Officers, First and Second Class Warrant Officers. They are directly responsible for the control of the territory for one or more towns or part of a major town and their related institutional activities.