These are branches which are not includeded in the ...

This special departments and are attached to various departments and entities for the execution of specific tasks:
- The Corazzieri Regiment responsible for the escort and security of the President of the Republic and guard of the Quirinale Palace;
- Departments in Service to Constitutional Bodies such as the Presidency of the Republic, the Senate, Parliament, the Judiciary, the Prime Minister and the National Council of Economy and Labour;
- Carabinieri Departments which performs Military Police and security duties in favour of Armed Forces (Carabinieri Defence Cabinet Department; Carabinieri Chief of Staff Defence Department, Carabinieri Autonomous Group, Defence Unit Group, Carabinieri Naval Command, Carabinieri Military Aeronautical Command, Sections and Units attached to the Army High Commands, the Inter-force base and similarly allied military organisms in Italy and abroad);
- personnel attached to the offices of the military judiciary.