This organization is made up of departments dedicated ...


This organization is made up of departments dedicated to military activities, riot control and a wide series of highly specialized tasks which are handled either in order of priority or exclusively as a support function for the territorial organization and reports to Carabinieri Mobile and Specialized Unit Command “Palidoro” (three stars General level) based in Rome and divided into:
- Mobile Unit Division located in Rome on whom the following entities depend:
  • 1st Mobile Brigade based in Rome and dedicated to public law and order, the support of environmental services and control of the territory;
  • 2nd Mobile Brigade situated in Livorno consisting of:
- Special Intervention Group (G.I.S.) under the command of Chief of Staff of the Carabinieri General Headquarters. It specializes in intervention in the case of hijacking, release of hostages and terrorist activities. Over the years the Unit has gained the reputation of being one of the best specialist departments in its sector on an international level;
- Carabinieri Parachutists Regiment “Tuscania” located in Livorno with members in permanent service with highly specialized skills and versatility;
- 7th Carabinieri “Trentino Alto Adige” Regiment and the 13th Carabinieri “Friuli Venezia Giulia” Regiment located respectively in Laives (BZ) and Gorizia;
- Specialized Unit Division located in Rome, consisting of highly qualified personnel working with Ministries for the safeguard of socially sensitive issues:
  • CC Healthcare Command;
  • CC Environmental Care Command;
  • CC National Heritage Command;
  • CC Agriculture Policies Command;
  • CC Labor Protection Command;
  • CC Bank of Italy Command;
  • CC Anti-Counterfeiting Command;
  • CC Scientific Investigation Group;
  • CC Aircraft Group;
- CC Special Operations Group (R.O.S.) for dealing with organized crime and terrorism;
- CC Foreign Affairs Command;
- Centre of Excellence for Stability Police Units (CoESPU).