Operations depend on good communications between departments ...

Picture of an operation centre of the Corp.... which in turn, depends on the efficiency between the various components of the Force and the manner in which information is exchanged.
This service is guaranteed 24 hours a day by a complex communications system connecting the Operation Room at the General Command Headquarters with the Situation Rooms at the Inter-Regional and Regional Commands, and with the Operation Rooms at the Provincial and Company Commands, finally reaching all the other territorial units.
This communication system is made up of:
a.  Operation Room.

This represents the tool by which the General Command Headquarters:
- is updated on the current situation concerning law and order;
- distributes personnel and Specialized Commands;
- coordinates complex operations;
- analyses data on operations and criminal activity;
- maintains communication regarding intelligence and operations with other military personnel stationed abroad and in similar defence and policing organizations;
- reviews and verifies data from information services.
The Force has a centralized computer system with electronic post facilities, and well qualified operators.
b.  Inter-Regional and Regional Command Situation Rooms.
Picture with two motorcyclists.These represent the tool by which the respective Commands:
- organize and coordinate the operations of Commands under their jurisdiction;
- evaluate and inform the Operation Room of the General Command Headquarters regarding incidents considered to require intervention of Support Departments which can be activated by the Superior Command;
- decide on the quota of Support Department personnel available to assist commands under their jurisdiction.
c.  Provincial and Company Command Operation Rooms
These represent a fundament tool in the activation, development and completion of the institutional activity of the Force and in the posts where Commanders gather information and give orders, either directly, or through personnel under their command.
The introduction of the centralized system in 1999 has greatly improved inter-communication between police force central operating offices resulting in a more speedy intervention response time. It has also made service generally more efficient in the area of crime prevention, by taking advantage of information available in the entire structure of the Force and implementing the coordination among Police Forces.
The systems consents an overall view of a detailed electronic map system identifying the position of Carabinieri and State Police vehicles in the territory as well as video-conferencing between the two Operation Rooms to provide a speedy police response and intervention of other organisations (Fire Brigade, Environmental Services, etc.) necessary for responding to emergencies.
Picture of a night patrol with motor vehicle.This inter-communication between Operation and Situation Rooms also permits effective coordination, not only limited to emergency calls, but keeps each Force informed on a real time basis of the overall situation regarding events and resources involved therefore making prevention more effective.
Personnel in Operation and Situation Rooms guarantee speedy intervention in accordance with rules dictating the management of emergencies. One of these rules states that in the case of an emergency the responsibility falls on the Operational Centre which is able to give the quickest response according to radio communicated information regarding the status of available resources. Therefore, the patrol not involved in other priority duties and nearest to the scene responds. In any case, it is planned that information is exchanged completely and in real time, and when necessary, other contingency support, not necessarily from the Force which initially intervened, can be utilized. For example, in the case of a particularly serious incident.
Operation Rooms can be contacted on telephone number 112 which allows the pubic to request Carabinieri intervention in events under their jurisdiction and aid in dangerous situations as well as to provide information which may be helpful in a police investigation. Following the decision made by the Council of the European Union in 1991 to introduce 112 as the Community emergency number to facilitate movement between member countries, the Carabinieri set up a Call Centre to respond in the various Community languages. This service, available nationwide since 1995, provides Italy with the European 112 service as required by EU legislation.