The Nucleo Radiomobile and the Operations Room


Una immagine dal libro Arma dei CarabinieriThe Nuclei Radiomobili, in synergy with Comandi Tenenze and Stazioni, guarantee a 24/7 control of the territory with prompt and flexible action.

Patrol units ensure continuous supervision and highly operational readiness. They are expressions of the traditionally reassuring Corps' presence amongst citizens. When emergencies occur, patrols provide an effective means of early intervention to protect the safety of citizens. Arrests made in the act of theft, robbery, assault and other offenses confirm this. Not to mention prevention activities, which find no acknowledgement in statistical records, but are nevertheless crucial to the community's peace and quiet.

Patrol Units, whether in cars ("gazelles") or on motorcycles ("woodcocks"), are coordinated locally by the Operations Room through the "112" emergency number, providing a response to the various requests for assistance.

The operators, experts in emergency management, ensure appropriate intervention by the closest patrol unit in all circumstances. A modern technology platform enables for total governance of: interventions; security systems and vehicle alarm systems; as well as for the tracking of all operational services and events data.