The Compagnia di Intervento Operativo and the Cacciatori


Una immagine dal libro Arma dei CarabinieriThe Compagnie di Intervento Operativo (C.I.O.), located in Battalions in Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples, Bari and Palermo, are the Carabinieri taskforce specialised in maintaining control of the territory in extraordinary situations. Renowned for their high flexibility, rapid deployment and mobility of service, they intervene in specific areas of the country supporting local units to better address public safety emergencies and to prevent the occurrence of crime through specific activities (patrols, checkpoints, spot-checks and raids).

The same purpose inspires the airborne Cacciatori Squadrons “Calabria” and “Sardinia”, highly specialised units that combine military procedures and police techniques in a single approach. These units effectively support territorial commands in the fight against organised crime in the harsh and dangerous areas of Aspromonte (Calabria) and Barbagia (Sardinia), with the assistance of helicopters and police dogs. Their special abilities range from instant daytime and nighttime “infiltrations” deep in the heart of rough mountains, to grueling crawls conducted in the most difficult environmental conditions as they wait to catch kidnappers or absconded criminals, much like hunters do with their prey. Both units are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including sophisticated individual satellite-tracking devices, indispensible in the difficult natural environments typical of the mountainous regions of Calabria and Sardinia.