The Carabinieri Station: the Commander and the Neighbourhood Carabiniere


Una immagine dal libro Arma dei CarabinieriItaly is a country defined by strong local cultures, where diverse social dynamics emerge and are perceived differently from community to community. In this context, the Corps' organisational model, based on the indispensible Carabinieri Stations and their molecular diffusion, enhances the institution's traditional ability to “read” the territory, to interpret its needs and expectations, in order to undertake fitting and timely measures.

It is this ability to establish a unique, profound and unrivalled relationship with the territory and its communities which distinguishes the Carabinieri Station, an essential pawn for territorial control and source of “social reassurance” for the community.

This model, part of the Corps identity, shows great vitality now more than ever, as proved by the excellent results achieved year after year.

True protagonists of this privileged relationship with the local population are Station Commanders, to whom the local population turns knowing they will constantly receive tangible responses. Station Commanders are attentive and helpful not only to the citizens' request for security but also to needs related to everyday life.

Equally attentive and fully integrated into local communities are the neighbourhood Carabinieri, who have a specific mission: to heed, recommend and reassure with the aim of fostering citizens' cooperation and trust. Through the profound knowledge of the urban environment and customs, the neighbourhood's demand for security can easily be met. Thus, the neighbourhood Carabiniere becomes an effective tool of “advanced prevention”, without nevertheless dismissing its operational inclination aimed at fighting street crimes and urban disorder.