Una immagine dal libro Arma dei CarabinieriIn the performance of their duties, Carabinieri benefit from the availability of an advanced technology platform, capable of effectively supporting the human element, which nonetheless remains central. The continuous adoption of modern technological solutions allows to save units that may be then deployed for operational duties and to strengthen the management skills of the complex institutional organisation. Nowadays, in the Corps the e-government is a reality of which to be proud and has won several national and international awards.

Different and original management solutions enable to govern all operations at 360°. In real time, in fact, all activities on the national territory can be overviewed, thanks to cutting-edge operational centres; through a computerised system, it is possible on a daily basis to “read” all repressive and preventive services organised by the Carabinieri Stations; flying-helicopters send high-definition images of the area to be monitored. There are many other examples.

From preventive activities to investigations, in this remit as well, technology has played a leading role. Diverse projects have been completed to strengthen the abilities of the scientific investigation of the Ra.C.I.S. and R.I.S.. Among others, these abilities include systems for tracking operations related to the management of genetic profiles examined in the course of technical investigations and laboratory activities carried out with the adoption of biometric authentication systems.

Moreover, mapping tools, devices for the IT-analysis of hardware findings, systems for managing observation and control services of people and vehicles in motion have been made available.

Furthermore, the application of complex mathematical models to investigations is the basis of two interesting experimental projects. The first is aimed at verifying the efficacy of a semantic engine in conducting complex searches from a multitude of sources. The second has the purpose of establishing a system for processing the criminal profile of serial murderers.

In the field of logistics and administration, the technology platform through which the Centro Nazionale Amministrativo manages personnel's salaries and tax assistance is constantly updated and enriched with new online services. In 2010, moreover, the implementation of the Carabinieri Logistics Information System was completed for the governance of the lifecycle of weapons, vehicles, equipment, furniture and property. This system has allowed for a decisive simplification of procurement procedures and a tighter control of expenditures, with progressive savings on financial and human resources. The full operational capacity of the SIGD-NET system for the centralised administration of funds has accompanied, in the financial area, this process of modernisation.