Sharpshooters and Bomb Disposal Experts


Una immagine dal libro Arma dei CarabinieriDuring major events and in all circumstances where citizens' safety is threatened by terrorists, criminals or mentally instable, sharpshooters decisively contribute to security. They dominate dangerous situations from strategic locations without being noticed. Carabinieri Sharpshooters have the uttermost psycho-physical self-control and are able to focus even in extreme conditions with high technical expertise, thanks to their strict training received at the Carabinieri Shooting Academy in Rome.

A similar critical commitment is expected out of the bomb disposal experts. They are in charge of clearing areas or vehicles hiding explosives and difusing their threat, thanks to techniques acquired at the Scuola del Genio dell'Esercito. For riskier interventions, these experts use modern remotely controlled robots for the inspection of suspicious objects from a safe distance. In cases of already occurred explosions, they support colleagues conducting investigations in search of relevant information for investigative purposes. Like the sharpshooters, they are stationed widely throughout the national territory, in order to ensure full interaction with territorial units.