Duties and Functions

Una immagine dal libro Arma dei CarabinieriThe Carabinieri Corps, a “police force having military status and a general competence and permanently employed in ensuring public safety”  is a key component of the Italian defence and security system. Operating under the Ministry of Defence, alongside the Army, Navy and Air Force, it carries out defence, security police, judicial police and civil protection functions.

As an armed force, the Corps performs a variety of duties ranging from contributing to homeland defence, taking part in international security peacekeeping and peacemaking missions, to operating as military police and providing security for all Italian embassies and consulates abroad. As a police force, it conducts all activities aimed at ensuring public order and safety, from territorial control and public order operations, to safeguarding the key interests of society as a whole through a number of specialised units.

The fight against crime is conducted jointly with the Judiciary power and with the other police forces and benefits from a tested combination blending the expertise of territorial departments and specialised units. The tight knit network of local commands makes it possible for the Carabinieri to intervene promptly against locally restricted criminal acts but also to identify signs of more complex and widespread activities - from organised crime, terrorist organisations, to cross-border traffickers - the fight against which is entrusted to dedicated departments.

Finally, as a national organisation for civil protection, the Corps also offers its unconditional commitment when natural disasters occur, coming to the rescue of those affected.