Una immagine dal libro Arma dei CarabinieriThe Carabinieri's constant effort to be close to the people through their reassuring presence is both tangible and virtual. Indeed, they seek to take every opportunity to build bridges towards the civil society in order to provide help and advice, information and guidance. We are talking about communication. This is a fundamental service in today's society that the Carabinieri carry out with traditional and modern tools. They use the potentials of an ever-changing technological platform, which through television, radio, the internet and mobile phones, allows to reach an ever-growing audience.

“Communicating Safety” is an ambitious goal necessarily based on real facts and on the concrete amount of work that the Carabinieri carry out daily on the territory and whose results regularly fill the news.

In addition, the Carabinieri seek to be on the citizens' side through a proven system of integrated communication, constantly searching for better and more technologically advanced solutions to offer the communities. An example of this is the website, a powerful communication tool providing information, service and advice to effectively respond to the needs for security.

"A web-based Carabinieri Station" aims to bring younger audiences closer to law enforcement as well through new forms of communication, such as cartoons, where “Maresciallo Saetta” portrays the positive hero by saving a child from ever-present dangers (bullying, child abuse, vandalism). The recorded 19,000 daily contacts confirm the interest stimulated by the site.
Another popular point of reference for citizens is the Ufficio Relazioni con il Pubblico (URP), as proved by the many daily e-mails sent to and phone calls received by the Carabinieri Contact Centre (+39 0680982935). The former provides timely and effective response to different requirements.

Moreover, successful actors contribute to increasing the familiarity of the figure of the Carabinieri by lending their faces to characters in uniform in popular movies and television shows.

The Carabinieri press office publishes works that are appreciated both at an institutional and general-public level. “La Rassegna dell'Arma” is a military journal recognized as a benchmark for keeping up to date with technical, scientific and doctrinal news in the professional field, while the monthly “Il Carabiniere” presents current affairs, lifestyle and life in the Corps to a wider audience, also boasting prestigious collaborations from the world of culture and journalism.

The annual edition of the "Calendario Storico" (the historical calendar) registers an ever-growing circulation (1,350,000 copies in 2011), confirming itself as a cult item for both collectors and non: a testimony of the affection and esteem enjoyed by the Carabinieri who, according to an annual survey sponsored by the Eurispes Institute, is the most beloved Institution by Italians.