Carabinieri Dog Squads and Mounted Units


Una immagine dal libro Arma dei CarabinieriThe dog, a man's ancient and proverbial friend, has been an integral part of the Carabinieri family since the early 1950s, through the canine unit: a fitting description of the enduring and operative bond between man and animal. Since then, news has accustomed us to the canine unit's image, always nearby and often crucial where humanitarian interventions or  judiciary police undertakings are requested. In fact, the operational uses of the 24 Dog Squads are plentiful: from intervention during natural disasters, searching for missing persons and drugs, to detection of explosives. These dogs and their handlers acquire the necessary skills at the Centro Carabinieri Cinofili in Florence.

The Carabinieri Mounted Regiment has a long history as well. The 4th Mounted Regiment, established in 1963, carries the glorious tradition of all the Corps Mounted Units. In addition to standard institutional activities, such as patrolling parks and inaccessible areas, and supporting law and order and rescuing in case of natural disasters, the Regiment performs the famous historical Carousel, an equestrian show and a digest of the training received by the cavalry. The Carousel is a fluid and rhythmic alternation of complex patterns performed with great expertise by quadrilles, which interconnect at the sound of fanfare, before merging into the famous climax: a whirl of plumes between the flashing of unsheathed swords and the waving of the banner, emphasised by cries of  "Pastrengo!".