Battalions and Public Order

Una immagine dal libro Arma dei CarabinieriPublic order services guarantee the legitimate right of citizens to demonstrate peacefully and assemble at sporting events, religious or local festivities, in compliance with governing laws and rules of civil coexistence.

Professionalism and balance are required from agents working in this sensitive area. These qualities help hold together a pressing crowd or manage frantic sports fans, ensuring the will to vigorously represent one's beliefs or faith without ending in rioting. The same qualities are needed to conduct operations aimed at restoring calm in crisis situations.

The Carabinieri Corps allocates significant resources to this important activity, employing, in agreement with the Department of Public Safety, units of specially trained and equipped Regiments and Battalions from the Mobile organisation. In addition, at a local level, where the Carabinieri Station is often the only policing garrison territorial, units are dispatched mainly for the orderly running of festivities, religious events or minor football matches.