Airborne and Naval Carabinieri

Una immagine dal libro Arma dei CarabinieriThe operational capacity of the Carabinieri territorial and specialised units are further enhanced by the valuable support that has been offered by the airborne service since 1965. The former is currently broken down into a Raggruppamento Aeromobili and 15 Nuclei, which through A109 (Power and Nexus) and AB412 helicopters secure operational coverage around the country in 30 minutes top. The added value of the airborne service lies in the seamless integration with ground-based units, which thus benefit from a wide range of interventions: from the search and identification of fugitive vehicles or distressed people, carrying G.I.S. and Cacciatori Squadrons, monitoring public order through image transmission and to supporting units in fighting crimes against the environment.

Since 1956, air supervision has been supplemented by naval units for seas and lakes. The Carabinieri Naval Units, deployed in 88 sites, maintain order and public security and contribute to the activity of surveillance aimed at combating illegal immigration. This valuable service is also requested in the recovery of archaeological finds, tackling pollution incidents and controlling touristic activities, including rapid assistance activities, this in the city of Venice only.