Carabinieri, "an asset for our communities"

Una immagine dal libro Arma dei CarabinieriAn  old man sitting on a bench, children playing in the park, a square teaming with tourists, a long procession of the faithful are all moments from everyday life from any one of Italy's many communities, with the same common denominator: the discreet and reassuring presence of the Carabinieri. It is to this “friendly uniform” that one can ask far more than a simple helping hand. The Carabinieri are a reference point not only for operational police tasks, but also for the preventing and settling of  disputes or for providing support and comfort. This is an invaluable “social function”, played by ever-present, “recognizable” figures, located in big cities as well as in smaller towns. True to the same mission since 1814, the Carabinieri have served the communities in which they operate providing “close protection” and establishing deep ties of friendship.

The community responds accordingly, integrating the Carabinieri Station, “sentinel” of the territory, into its “heritage” with affection and trust, acknowledging the Carabinieri's generous commitment and unconditional dedication to the common good, often for little more than personal moral gratification.

The perpetuation of this virtuous cycle enhances the Carabinieri's commitment towards the community, and encourages them to perform their duties at their best. This is why, in short, the Corps not only gives continuing demonstrations of its operational efficiency, as the following pages clearly testify, but also seeks to be closer to the communities, foreseeing their needs, and sharing their hopes and fears. That is made possible by the ability to listen which is acquired through the close experience of local reality and translates into an extraordinary industriousness. Such an operative zeal is supported by ethic values, and is a guarantee of law and order, security and peace to the community which in turn constitute the basis of a good quality of  life.