As a result of the particular combination of Member of ...

... the Armed Forces and Police Authority, the Carabinieri Force has the following responsibilities:
a.  Military (Art.1, Act 2, Law no. 78/2000)

Picture made up of three photos of institutional buildings in Rome.- defence of the nation, its institutions and resources in the case of a national disaster;
- participation in military operations in Italy and abroad, policing operations abroad, and through international mandates and agreements, reconstruction of local police forces in areas where peacekeeping forces are present;
- exclusive function of security and military police for the Armed Forces;
- functions of judicial military police for Military Justice bodies;
- the security of Italian diplomatic institutions including military institutions abroad;
- assistance to military personnel involved in institutional activities in the national territory;
- mobilization services.

b.  Police (Art 3, Act 2/3, D.Lgs. no. 297/2000)
- functions of judicial and public order and security policing;
- national civilian protection structure guaranteeing continuity of service in disaster areas and aid to the local population.