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Copertina del numero

The present supplement to the ”Review” (Rassegna) is the second editorial contribution to the new series of publications called “Acts” (Atti). The intense activity performed at congresses and conventions, whose main protagonist was the Carabinieri Officers’ School during the academic year 2003-2004, found in the seminar on Multinational Specialized Units the moment of its international acknowledgement. The seminar, divided in four sessions, is the first and the most important in-depth view into the operational experience of MSUs; deserved and necessary space for reflection and activity of intellectual elaboration indispensable to provide a more and more adequate theoretical and doctrinal frame to an amply tested model of operational intervention.

In fact, it is not a mere case that numerous speeches started recalling lessons learned in the operational scenario, then passed on to tackle international context and juridicial aspects, later illustrated aspects of military doctrine and eventually dealt with prospects of MSUs deployment/employment and future operational and structural solutions. The seminar was held at the Aula Magna of the Insitute on 30 and 31 march 2004 and hosted some illustrious politicians, the highest Italian military authorities as well as representatives of the Armed Forces from the United States, Portugal, Romania, Estonia, Hungary and Slovenia, military magistrates, exponents of the academic and university world, qualified military and civilian experts. It was a joyful and fruitful comparison of various institutional positions and multifarious cultural and methodological approaches; a synergical endevour to integrate different perspectives, inspired by the common objective to recreate constructive and viable contributions.

Multinational Specialized Units represent not only a structural solution and an operational model capable of expressing military and police competences in a harmonious picture of employment, but are also a possibility of a multinational integration that puts together procedures, capabilities, styles and cultures making them homogenous, with the utmost aim of creating effective international and common security, where everybody is an actor and a protagonist. The above mentioned issues, as well as others that for convenience cannot be reported in a presentation, are more than sufficient reasons for a warm invitation to read and study the acts of this seminar; an invitation addressed not only to those who are directly interested in such issues, but also to all those who wish to get acquainted with, to have a more in-depth vision and to appreciate an essential component of international peace-keeping missions, a peculiar operational model startling with original solutions. In the present supplement acts are published both in Italian and in English in order to assure their greater diffusion on an international scale.

The objective the “Review” has set itself is to be the protagonist and a faithful witness of the doctrinal and cultural debate which is animating military institutions and of the positive trends and initiatives occuring within their scope. Updating the preparation of the Carabinieri Force Top Ranks, which is the vocation of the Review, is a stimulating process which constantly enhances the cultural and intellectual growth of whose committed to following it with consciousness and enthusiasm.

Major General Vittorio Barbato