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Mr. Christian Ambrosini

National Service against Internet Crimes
National Coordination Service for the fight against the computer crimes

The National Coordination Service for the fight against the computer crimes (SCOCI) is the reference office for people who mean to communicate the presence of particular web-site on Internet. After a first examination and after having guaranteed the data security,
this communications are transmitted to the national and international enquiring authorities. Moreover SCOCI carries actively out searches in the net in order to characterize web-site with forbidden contents and takes care also of deepening the analyses in the within of Internet crimes. Among the Internet contents of penal importance we consider in particular:
  • hard pornography
  • estremism
  • racism
  • illegal access to computer systems
  • diffusion of computer viruses
  • data damage
  • abuse of credit cards
  • violation of the copyrights
  • illegal commerce of weapons

Starting from 2003 the National Coordination Service supports The Confederation and the cantons in three different sectors:
  • Monitoring
    - Searches in Internet to characterize penal abuses and first elaboration of suspicious communications.
  • Clearing
    - Legal examination of the penal importance of the received suspicious communications, coordination with procedures and transmission of the technical investigations to the competent national or international authorities depending on territory or subject.
  • Analisi
    - At national level concerning Internet crimes are: the permanent analysis of the situation in Switzerland, the study of crime modalities and instruments, the elaboration of statistics and trends.
Fight against the computer crimes

During 2004, the Coordination Service has received in average beyond 500 calls per month; these communications were carried out through its SCOCI web-site on Internet (, Among them, beyond one out of five regard hard pornography. Concerning the other calls, they are mainly Spam-mail, soft pornography, teen modeling, trial of swindle, offensive racial contents and violations of the copyright. Through Interpol, it has been possible to transmit altogether 171 dossiers to 20 States.

Monitoring and active search

SCOCI also demonstrated to be very active in the search of forbidden contents on Internet. The priority topic is essentially the spread of the child-pornography. Last year, similar independent searches carried out mainly on web-sites for file exchange (peer to peer) or acting to monitoring chats and forums, have produced beyond 450 dossier, 95% of which regarding cases of child-pornography. From March 2004, SCOCI tries systematically to obtain, from the police enforcements and the judicial authorities, information concerning the ulterior treatment of the dossiers. In our statistical data, 78% of cases have produced searchs, concurring to the seizure of important amounts of penal material. For what concerns sentences, the endorsements are between 200 Swiss franks and a jail sentence of two months.

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Graphs and statistics

Christian AMBROSINI, specialized in Monitoring fedpol National Coordination Service for the fight against computer crimes