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The session has been opened - Gen.B. Nicola Raggetti

International meeting on tools, procedures, operational standards and academic psychological research in the Internet investigation field with a special focus on child pornography
It is for me a great honor having the possibility to say welcome to all of you, whose taking part to this conference gives special importance to this meeting, even in place of the general commander and the chief of mobile and specialized unites. This seminar, whose subject is ”Tools, procedures, operational standards and academic psychological research in the Internet investigation field with a special focus on child pornography”, has been organized by RACIS with financial support from the AGIS Programme of the European Commission – Directorate General Justice, Freedom and Security.
A special thanks to the Magistracy, to the important teachers, the speakers, the colleagues and all the appreciated guests who with their presence attest consideration, vicinity and affection for this Unit and the whole Arm. 
I wish particularly greetings to the representatives of the 14 countries that have accepted our invitation and with whom, for two days, we will have,  I am sure, a profitable exchange of ideas and experiences. 
Since already many years, Carabinieri, in the within of consolidated international cooperation of Police, has undertaken several initiatives consisting in the organization of seminars and conventions devoted to the exchange of experiences and the individuation of "best practices" concerning the contrast to the organized crime. This has concurred to diffusion and to alignment of the qualitative standards reached from the Institution, in the various fields of specialization, effectively contributing to the evolution of the European norm.
Within such initiatives, the present international seminar is focused on a field of wide importance as the “Internet crime” and the “Internet investigation”.  In particular, here, we consider the child-pornography that has been strongly facilitated from the availability of the digital instruments of communication.  The Arm of Carabinieri, that takes care of computer crime through a special section in the RIS of Rome, has proposed, with the present conference, to contribute, at European Union’s level and, as possible, also outside from the European limits:

  • to the comparison of the technical-scientific level among the specialized investigating units of participant Countries’ police enforcements, operating and helping to reach a good level in instruments and methods of technical surveying on Internet;
  • to diffuse in capillary way among the Police forces and the Judiciary police operators of whichever level, a renewed culture of the scientific investigation’s techniques and potentiality;
  • to facilitate the international communications that turn out as a fundamental instrument to coordinate the investigations in the child-pornographic field on Internet, being it a transnational phenomenon;
  • to stimulate the processes, already started in the field, of standardization of methods and tools;
  • to approach the world of the university and psychological research to the investigators, concurring the police enforcements to have valid methodological indications and the university to carry out on real investigative cases.

All these initiatives are framed in the programs that, in recent years, important international Organizations like the High Tech Crime Group of the G8, the IOCE (International Organization on Evidence Computer), the E.N.F.S.I.  (European Network of Forensic Science Institutes), the Interpol, the Europol, etc are carrying ahead believing that the high technology systems and, first of all, Internet, are by now a fundamental instrument of commercial exchange of illegal material and of coordination for wide criminal actions.
This seminary, in which we have the presence of illustrious members of organizations and police, of university teacher and exponents of associations dealing with High Tech Crime and the child-pornography, has as a practical aim to write down a final document, influencing law and regulations at European level.
I am sure that we will reach our aim and, at the end of this meeting, we will enhance our knowledge and find new ideas. At the moment I thank you all for your attention and I wish you all a good work.

Comandante del Ra.C.I.S., Gen.B. Nicola Raggetti