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Loyalty to the institutions, morality and civil conscience...

Picture with flag and carabiniere on horseback.... have always been identified with the image of the Carabinieri Force. As an acknowledgement of values, devotion and generosity demonstrated in every circumstance by the Carabinieri Force, since 1864 Parliament has conferred the Institution with the title of Benemerita: “ The reason why everyone is interested in the ongoing improvement of the Carabinieri Force depends on the esteem of the public and on its distinguished and vital contribution resulting in a truly MERITORIUS Institution for the country”. (Parliamentary speech of 24th June, 1864). In more than 188 years of institutional activity in war and peace by the Meritorious Force, 9,525 have been killed and 164,103 injured including Officers, Warrant Officers, Brigadiers, Lance Corporals and Carabinieri. Episodes of individual bravery, proof of the consistent sense of duty which has always inspired their actions, constitutes the tradition of the Force. This intrinsic display of courage has resulted in many important achievements from the high seas to the highest mountain: Everest, where on 7th May 1973 an expedi tion lead by Captain Fabrizio Innamorati raised the Italian flag and left a lantern in pewter made in the same style as a two-pointed Carabinieri hat. After those killed in the Risorgimento campaigns, the First and Second World Wars, in the Resistance and in the enduring fight against crime, Carabinieri were involved in a long series of acts of bravery in defence of the State and the public. As a testimony to the many courageous acts the following were awarded:

To the Colours of the Force:

  • 5 Knights Cross of the Italian Military Order;
  • 3 Gold Medals for Military Valour;
  • 3 Gold Medals for Army Valour;
  • 5 Silver Medals for Military Valour;
  • 4 Bronze Medals for Military Valour;
  • 7 Gold Medals for Civic Valour;
  • 1 Silver Medal for Civic Valour;
  • 2 Crosses of War for Military Valour;
  • 4 Gold Medals for Public Healthcare;
  • 5 Gold Medals for Merit;
  • 1 Gold Medal for Civic Merit.

To individual military personnel:

  • 22 Crosses of the Italian Military Order;
  • 115 Gold Medals for Military Valour;
  • 1 Gold Medal for Naval Valour;
  • 3158 Silver Medals for Military Valour;
  • 16 Silver Medals for Army Valour;
  • 22 Silver Medals for Naval Valour;
  • 5730 Bronze Medals for Military Valour;
  • 42 Bronze Medals for Naval Valour;
  • 14 Bronze Medals for Army Valour;
  • 99 Gold Medals for Civic Valour;
  • 2079 Silver Medals for Civic Valour;
  • 3390 Bronze Medals for Civic Valour;
  • 3614 Crosses of War for Military Valour.